A great web portal in the SMB support services area - TRISOFT project case study

Fastportal is the easy way to manage communication between you and your client from start to end.

We have successfully accepted the challenge to develop a professional self-service web portal - FastPortal. Offering easy, secure and fast client self-service portals, is the perfect tool for small & medium businesses to provide their clients with an interactive internet service: workflow management, communication, file sharing and invoicing.

This application allows clients to spend less time dealing with secretarial duties and chasing clients; workflows are customizable, we have created secure document management and easy invoicing, which will greatly reduce workload.

In the process of creating this great web portal, our team has used tools like Symfony, PHP, Doctrine ORM, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, WebSockets, git, AWS, capistrano and Behat. Our input included web development, web design, QA, UI/UX, DevOps, maintenance, project management.

We could have never gotten so much done, so quickly, without TRISOFT. The team has a wide range of skills and (from what I can see) they are more than eager to collaborate when the going gets tough. I’d say for the development of an MVP, outsourcing to an agency beats hiring, hands down. And TRISOFT happens to be the best agency I have found so far.
Rik Visser - Founder at FastPortal
Rik Visser
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