Online shopping platform developed with Sylius - TRISOFT project case study offers the opportunity to shop for premium brand products at duty free prices.

This eCommerce site is based on Sylius platform, that enables easier administration, customized flows and themes, and a smooth integration with Symfony bundles.

This application allows clients to shop online from duty free stores, using features that range from plane ticket validation to PayU payment gateway integration.

The tools we used for this platform are Sylius, Symfony, PHP, Doctrine ORM, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, ReactJS, WebSockets, git, Google Cloud Platform, JIRA, phpunit and Behat. Our input included backend development, QA, DevOps, maintenance, project management.

We started working with TRISOFT at a very early stage of our project. They brought a lot of technical expertise to the table and their input was very valuable.
We didn't feel tied to a specific language or framework, because they managed to easily integrate multiple technologies to achieve our goals.
Our visions about working remotely and AGILE Development also coincide and we were a match since day one. I think our cooperation was very productive for both parties. Happy to have them as a team mates.
Gabi Udrescu - Product Owner at BestValue
Gabi Udrescu
Product Owner at BestValue - TRISOFT project case study image 1 - TRISOFT project case study image 2 - TRISOFT project case study image 3 - TRISOFT project case study image 4

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